A trek in Mongolia with Nattulga

Nattulga is above all a Franco Mongol family who welcomes you to discover the marvels of Mongolia.

By horse, on foot, backcountry skiing, by bike, ice skating, on a horse sled, trail running… Every ways are appropriate to intimately experience astounding landscapes and Mongolian’s rich culture and hospitality. We will maybe except the car which we dislike a bit and only use as transfer between two places.

Custom-made trips at reasonable prices... You are travelling with infants, with disabled people, you are young adventurers, yearning for cultural discoveries, etc... You will be able to create your own private trip based on your needs, wishes, and constraints, and our advices and information through our country experience.

Organised trips on fixed dates… From time to time, we organise trips on which whoever can join us (up to 6 participants). This is generally for us the occasion to find new trails or new areas… Imponderable might occur but what an Adventure!

We are pleased to stay on a small-scale production, and want to be part of the adventure and accompany you in your trip. At the minimum, there will be Tsooj the father, Mongol guide and driver. Eventually, Nathalie the French mom, translator and cooker. And our adorable clown Narantuya, our baby born in May 2010, who has already seen a lot. Without forgetting our dear friends Mongol Nomads as guides and to rent horses.

This year we also start a new activity: Ger Rental, but with a ‘Little House on the Prairie’ movie style. Deep in Mongolia managing your own ger... Please do not hesitate to ask more about it.

And last but not least, we are also here just to answer your questions and give you global information on Mongolia as we adore chatting about Mongolia.

We hope this web site will help you in any way. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail on welcome@nattulga.com, by Skype videoconference with the identifier ‘nplaisant’, or by phone on the +976 98663341 or +976 93064241.

Hope to hear from you. Have sweet dreams of green steppes and wild horses galloping in the wind…